For more information about Age of Chivalry: Hegemony, check out the following sites:

  • Age of Chivalry Download Site (HeavenGames): The most popular location to download. You can also link to this from Download Age of Chivalry Now! Application, approx. 40 MB.
  • Age of Chivalry Download Site (ModDB): A secondary mirror to download the game.
  • Image Gallery (HeavenGames): Screenshots, mainly from the game's initial release. Still kinda cool.
  • Age of Chivalry Update Thread (HeavenGames): The latest news, suggestions, bugs, etc. An account is required to post, but it's free to join. Hosted (like most of these links) by Age of Kings Heaven, a site for the parent game run by HeavenGames.
  • Age of Chivalry Gameplay Discussion Thread (HeavenGames): A place to discuss elements of actually playing the game, including games vs. the CPU and included AI, multiplayer support, campaigns, etc. Created by our own jordanthejq12. (That'd be me.)
  • Technology Trees (HeavenGames): Beautiful technology trees for all eighteen civs fashioned by our own HerzogDePuce. Much more accurate than the ingame ones! A guide to reading them is included. Portable Document Format, approx. 6.5 MB.
  • Age of Empires Series Wiki (Wikia Gaming): AOCH is based on AOK and AOK:TC, so if you need a refresher on those, check out this. It also offers info on Age of Empires and Age of Empires III (and their expansions).
  • This wiki (Wikia Gaming): Still a work in progress, it features more information about AoC:H than any other place on the Web. An account is not required to edit. However, we ask that you not sabotage.

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