The archery guild, or archery range, depending on your level of comfort with the new name, trains archers and researches technologies related to their improvement. The Welsh, whose Helwr perfer to train from the Assembly Hall, do not receive this building.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: All except Wales (requires Levy Quarters)

Century: 12th

Cost: 175 wood


HP: 1200

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/7

Garrison: 10 archers. The gather point must be set on the building itself to garrison.


12th CenturyEdit


Javelineer (except for Helvetia, Friesland)

13th CenturyEdit

Crossbowman (except for England)


Gascon Crossbowman (England)

14th CenturyEdit

Mounted Crossbowman

15th CenturyEdit


Mounted Cranequinier

Genoese Crossbowman (Brittany, France)

Mercenary Longbowman (Brittany, Burgundy, Guelders)


14th CenturyEdit

Crossbow Companies (Cheapens crossbowmen)

Thumb Ring (improves archer accuracy)

15th CenturyEdit

Plackart (improves cavalry archer armor, attack vs. pikemen)

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