Bombard tower

Different Architecture Styles of Bombard Tower

The Bombard Tower is not an upgrade of the regular towers, but rather a seperate building that must be unlocked with Alchemy. It is a deadly merge of gunpowder and defense: it has the highest attack of any gunpowder unit AND any defensive structure in the game, and is able to kill most units with a single cannonball. It carries an attack bonus versus ships and lancers.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: Bavaria, Bohemia, Burgundy, England, Genoa, Guelders

Century: 15th

Requires: Alchemy , seperate research at University (800 Food , 500 Florins )

Cost: 125 Stone , 100 Florins


HP: 2220

Attack: 120

Armor/Pierce Armor: 3/8

Range: 8

Special: +40 vs. ships and lancers.

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