Armed with the superior crossbow, Crossbowmen form all stronger units of the Archer Line but also a unit class of their own. Crossbowmen have a stronger attack and longer range, but higher reload time.

The crossbow was mostly drawn with mechanical devices, like the windlass or a cocking device leading to a longer reload time, but also made it possible to be fired with greater strength and accuracy than a bow. In Age of Chivalry Hegemony, the strongest archery units carry a crossbow. They take long to reload, but have higher attack, range and accuracy than archers of the same level.

The following Crossbowmen can be trained in AoCH:

- Crossbowmen

- Arbalesters

- Genoese Arbalesters / Genoese Guards

- Genoese Crossbowmen

- Gascon Crossbowmen

- Lett Auxiliaries

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