the Ghulam

The Ghulam is a medium cavalry unit and the apparent upgrade of the Camel Rider. It carries no change in anticavalry bonus, but is stronger and has a very high pierce armor. It is based on the parent game's Heavy Camel, available to desert civilizations.

Unit StatisticsEdit


Would be trained at: Stable

Would cost: 50 Wood, 20 Florins (figure taken from GenieEd 2)


HP: 100

Attack: 9

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/3

Special:+10 vs. cavalry, +5 vs. ships and lancers.

Technical DataEdit

The Ghluam's cost in wood is due to the fact that it replaces the Advanced Heavy Crossbowman, a beta unit from the parent game based on the Composite Bowman from the original Age of Empires.

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