Some civilizations can give their archers pavises, great wooden shields to protect archers from missile attacks. These shields don't show up in the graphics, naturally, but their effect is very important. They protect archers by giving them a whopping 5 pierce armor. However, there is a drawback: archer speed is decreased and because of the expense of producing this shield en masse, archers become more expensive.

The Blacksmith equips this device, and it can only be given to standard foot archers (not unique or mercenary archers) after a policy decision has been researched.

Technology StatisticsEdit

Available to: Bohemia (requires Hussite Beliefs), France, Genoa

Researched at: Blacksmith

Requires: Policy Decision

Century: 14th

Cost: 600 Wood, 400 Florins

Effect: Archers, Crossbowmen, and Arbalesters +0/5 armor, but 10% slower, 20% more expensive

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