The Relic is a special object in Age of Chivalry:Hegemony. Relics are depicted in-game as medium-sized, white constructs with orange-red roofs.

Relics usually begin scattered around the map. A relic can only be carried by Priests. When it is placed in a Church, the relic slowly generates Florins. If more relics are collected, more Florins are generated.

Civilization-Specific NotesEdit

The Breton technology Scorched Earth increases the period needed to pass for a relic victory.

Team Danish Relics produce 33% more Florins.

Real InfoEdit

The Relics in-game are representations of holy objects in real life. Such objects include the Shroud of Turin, pieces of the True Cross, and others. Holy relics helped promote a form of early tourism for pilgrims, helping finance religious institiutions (represented by the flow of florins in-game).

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