The Turtle Ship is a medium-ranged (by comparison), editor-only warship equipped with cannon and melee armor. It is a refugee from the parent game, Age of Empires II, where it was a unique unit. It upgraded to the Elite Turtle Ship.

Turtle Ships were ironclad warships built by the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-Shin to defend Korea against Japanese invasion. Later on, these would prove the inspiration for the ironclad ships that made their debut in the American Civil War and evolved into modern-day warships.

Unit StatisticsEdit


Would be built at: Dock

Would cost: 200 Wood, 200 Florins


HP: 200

Attack: 50

Armor/Pierce Armor: 6/5

Range: 6

Special: 2 armor vs. ships and lancers, 3 armor vs. other turtle ships.

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