When a player installs a Town Watch, (s)he gains the ability to build Watch Towers. Their role is rather self-explanatory: they provide massive line of sight and defensive firepower that can make a difference. Towers benefit from Blacksmith archery bonuses, and also from building techs. The Watch Tower is available to all civs, as soon as Town Watch is reasearched. The Watch Tower can be upgraded to the Guard Tower, and carries attack bonuses against ships, lancers, and spearmen.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: All (Requires Town Watch)

Century: 12th

Cost: 25 Wood, 125 Stone


HP: 1020

Attack: 5

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/7

Range: 8 (MR 1)

Accuracy Percentage: 100

Special: +7 vs. ships and lancers, +2 vs. spearmen.


Upgrades to: Guard Tower

Upgrade Century: 14th

Upgrade Cost: 100 Food, 250 Wood

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